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How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Subway ?

There are many teenagers who start looking for jobs as early as thirteen or fourteen years of age. Searching for the right kind of job at this stage is not a very thing to do. There are many queries that keep wandering in the minds of these teens. Beginning with how much would be the payment to how funny they would be looking in those uniforms. One must however keep in mind that this would not be of course their last job. As they grow up they would definitely be able to search for a job that would suit them from all respect.

In order to get an entry into a Subway as an employer, one has to be at least sixteen years of age. Although it is not fixed there are some who even accept teens of fourteen to fifteen years of age. It actually varies from one franchisee to other. There are no fixed rules. But most of them accept the teens of fifteen to sixteen years of age.

The US government has certain guidelines and rules relating to teens working in the restaurants and fast food joints. According to the labor law, the teens of fourteen and fifteen years of age are allowed to perform only few kinds of cooking operations such as those which utilizes gas grills and electric ovens. Those cooking, which require open flames, are not allowed to be operated by them. Appliances that have inbuilt deep fat fryers and are equipped with automatic lifting and lowering of basket without needing pressurized frying can be operated by these teenagers.

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How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Subway ?


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