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How To Adjust Plymouth Neon Headlights ?

A single bulb system that provides both high & low beams utilized in headlights of vehicles is known as the Plymouth neon headlights. The Plymouth neon headlights shed light in a straight beam that illuminates the path of vehicle and gives signals of arrivals to other motorists on road indicating your presence.

Any manufacturing defect, damage or while installing the parts of headlight may cause the headlights to become distorted. The Plymouth neon headlights come in a single assembly to provide high and low beams of light in which the low beams can be adjusted that requires a Philips head screwdriver and takes about twenty minutes to adjust. Follow the below instructions to adjust the Plymouth Neon headlights.

In this way adjust each light with the marks and it should center vertically with the marks. The vertical adjustment near the fender can be done with the screw rotating clockwise for up. The screw near the fender can be seen between the light fixture and body frame. The screw located near the center of the vehicle can be used for horizontal adjustment that can be seen between the headlight and frame.

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How To Adjust Plymouth Neon Headlights ?


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