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How To Make A Man Look Like A Woman ?

Cross dressing is gradually becoming quite popular, especially among men. In order to cross dress a man and make him look like a woman, there are some basic guidelines and techniques one needs to follow.

The first step is to select a convincing hair-do. The second and most important step is to concentrate on a suitable make-up. It should be flowery, yet decent. The third main aspect of dressing up like a woman is to choose the right dress for the occasion. In addition, the individual has to remove body hair on legs, hands, face, back, neck and chest.

In order to look convincing as a woman, you need to dress up according to your age. For example, middle aged men should not choose those casuals that a teenager normally wears. It would look a complete misfit. You should also wear the right fitting dress, not necessarily tight fitting, in order to look feminine.

Dress up according to the occasion. For example, if you are going to attend a night ball as a woman, you can’t choose a jean and t-shirt. Also, your accessories, make-up and hair-do should suit the dress you are wearing. Avoid patchy or excess make-up. Ensure that you do not overdo things in order to look convincing. And when you meet people in a social gathering, you need to be relaxed and come out confidently.

Cross dressing is best done with help of an expert stylist. He or she would be able to suggest what is best for you.

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How To Make A Man Look Like A Woman ?


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